Voluntary Health Insurance (VMI)

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) is one of the types of medical insurance whose purpose is to provide citizens with additional medical services not included in the list of compulsory medical services guaranteed by the state under the compulsory medical insurance policy. The essence of VHI is to provide citizens with additional medical care as part of an insurance contract. Based on insurance programs developed by the insurance company. It is worth remembering that the insured citizen will receive medical assistance under this contract in the amount in which he paid the insurance premium.

 Voluntary health insurance comes as an addition to compulsory health insurance. Voluntary medical insurance policyholders are both legal entities and individuals, but only an individual can be an insured person. Legal entities use VHI as a tool to stimulate workers. The insurance premium or insurance premiums (part of the insurance premium), if the contract provides for the payment of the insurance premium in installments, is paid either by the employer, if he is the policyholder under the insurance contract, or if the citizen enters into the contract at his own expense. At the conclusion of the insurance contract by the employer, the beneficiary in the contract will be the employee in respect of whom the contract is concluded. 

A voluntary health insurance contract covers the following risks:

  • Expenses incurred for the provision of medical care, patient care and its subsequent rehabilitation.
  • Lack of income due to the impossibility due to illness of employment, as well as in the event of disability.

 The insurance company reimburses expenses only for the actually provided medical care. 

Different insurance companies are developing different VHI programs, but with all their differences, their content is the same and they include:

  • Inpatient treatment, both in an emergency and during routine examinations and operations;
  • Providing medical care in clinics (with the right to call a doctor at the place of residence, providing ambulance, as well as dentist services);
  • Obtaining dental services in specialized medical institutions;
  • Maternity programs;
  • Examination and treatment of children until they come of age;
  • Medical insurance, both for standard programs and for an individual program, depending on the client’s desire.

 You can obtain more detailed information on VHI programs by contacting the insurance company with which you intend to conclude an insurance contract. 

VHI policy

 The VHI policy is a document certifying the conclusion of a voluntary health insurance contract. It is issued to the citizen in his arms along with the contract if the policyholder and the insured are one person. If the policyholder is the employer, then the insured employee is issued an insurance policy, and the employer is insured with the insurance contract. 

The following must be indicated in the insurance policy:

  • Information on the date, number and duration of the voluntary insurance contract;
  • Information about the insured person;
  • The legal address of the insurance company or its official representative, indicating the phone number by which you can contact her.

 Having the VHI policy in hand, you can get medical care in private and departmental clinics, and a visit may not cost you a ruble, since these services will be paid for by the insurance company within the insurance amount under the insurance contract. But even if you exceed the limits set by the insurance contract, you’ll agree that it’s nice that most of the insurance company will pay. You can get a VHI policy if you work and the employer has entered into a voluntary health insurance contract, respectively, with the employer or by agreement with him in an insurance company.

 If you have carried out voluntary health insurance yourself, then you will be given a VHI policy upon conclusion of an insurance contract.  The VHI policy is valid in medical institutions with which the insurance company has entered into a cooperation agreement. 

The full list of medical facilities should be handed to you at the insurance company upon conclusion of the contract or upon issue of the policy. 

It is worth noting that the validity of the VHI policy may extend beyond the region in which it is issued if the insurance company has branches in other regions In case of loss of the voluntary health insurance policy, you must personally or through a representative inform the person who issued the insurance policy and explain under what circumstances the policy was lost. After that, the insurance company will issue a duplicate of the insurance policy.

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