Child accident insurance. We insure the child without prejudice to the family budget.

With the advent of a child, the circle of responsibility of parents expands significantly, because from that moment they should take care not only of themselves, but also of their child until they grow up.

During this period, it is extremely important to responsibly treat the duties assigned to them, since it is at an early age that a person is too inquisitive and active, and this is often crowned with various kinds of injuries and bruises.

In addition, the young body has not yet matured enough, so the risk of fractures also increases. Naturally, it is unlikely that it will be possible to minimize the influence of negative factors, because they are unforeseen, but it is still possible to try to protect yourself from the consequences.

For this, there is child insurance as a way to share the possible risks at the stage of their growing up. This species is today voluntary, therefore, each parent has the right to decide whether or not to conclude such an agreement.

Child insurance: description and meaning

First you need to understand what insurance is for children in general. Indeed, understanding and correct interpretation of the insurance object, the list of insured events and exceptions will not only help to avoid possible problems with the insurance company in the future, but also explain the significance of this type of insurance.

Insurance object

Speaking of child insurance, they directly mean child accident insurance. In this case, the object of insurance in such an agreement is property interests caused by a threat to the life of the child in connection with the occurrence of an accident. The level of threat and consequences can be different and in order to avoid a double interpretation and subjectivity, the insurance company clearly prescribes the list of insurance risks in the contract.

Insurance case

An insured event is the fact of an accident in which the insured child suffered. The accident, in turn, is an unforeseen, unpredictable and independent of the desire of the person event, which entailed a permanent or temporary violation of his health. Thus, the interpretation of this term itself explains the importance of accident insurance for children, since no one can know in advance about it, and everyone can protect themselves from its consequences.

Insurance risks

Having dealt with what and in what cases is insured, it is also important to study what risks the child accident insurance covers. Thus, it is possible to receive insurance compensation in the event that the accident entailed the following consequences for the child:

  1. Traumatic injuries to limbs and / or internal organs, including bruises, dislocations, fractures, sprains, and so on;
  2. Temporary deterioration in health (e.g. burns, poisoning and other diseases);
  3. Assignment of the category “disabled child”;
  4. Fatal outcome (death) of a child.

Attention! The above consequences must necessarily be documented.


It is important to understand that accident insurance for children, like any other type of insurance, implies conscientious fulfillment of obligations of all parties to the agreement. Even if one of the insurance risks occurs, but it is proved that such consequences occurred in connection with a deliberate act or attempted suicide, the insurance company will be entitled to refuse payment on the basis of law.

Conclusion of an accident insurance policy for children

Conclusion of a child insurance contract

Having decided for himself the need to conclude an accident insurance contract for children, an insufficient simple visit to an insurance company and purchase of a policy. Child insurance includes several insurance programs, the gradation of which is determined by the volume of services provided and the cost of the policy itself. Thus, it is necessary, first of all, to determine which insurance program is suitable and the most optimal, for which it will be necessary to study the key characteristics of insurance policies.

Contract validity

The modern insurance market offers customers the opportunity to choose the duration of the contract. It is important not to confuse time with the expiration date. So, for example, in the first case, the introduction of a time frame during the day is implied, that is, if the accident occurred at the indicated (selected) time, then it will be considered insurance, and at any other time the same consequences of the accident will not be covered.

The term of the contract means a completely different one – this is the period of time during which the insurance policy as a whole is valid. Thus, insurance time is a short term, and term is long term.

The introduction of a time frame allows the insurer to apply a reduction factor in calculating the total insurance premium (insurance payment). For example, if a client is sure that his child is more at risk while at school, then he has the opportunity to select special conditions on time and slightly reduce the costs of the family budget.

To date, mainly choose such a time frame:

  • Period of stay in kindergarten;
  • The period of attending the school as a whole or individual lessons (such as chemistry, physical education, work);
  • Period of visiting the sports section;
  • Evening time (for example, during a child’s walk with friends after doing homework) and so on.

However, round-the-clock child insurance remains a classic, because the exact time of the occurrence of the accident cannot be predicted.

School insurance

There are special child accident insurance contracts at school. Naturally, teachers are responsible for the student’s health and life in the school, but if during the lesson this can still be somehow guaranteed, then especially active students are unlikely to stay in one place during school breaks. In addition, it is not difficult to recall your school years, when during school breaks the school corridors and the yard turned into a place of fun and games. So it is physically impossible to ensure control by all students, and this, in turn, increases the risk of accidents.

However, in addition to the time frame, these agreements have other features:

  • Duration of the policy . This type of insurance provides for the use of not a standard term of an accident insurance contract for children – 1 year, but individual – 9 months. Exactly how long the learning process lasts.
  • Territory of action . It is important to read that when concluding such an agreement, not only the time and duration of the agreement are introduced, but also the territory of such a policy is limited. Thus, an accident will be considered an insurance only if it happened within the walls of the school or school yard, so that on the way to school or back home, no child insurance is provided.
  • Collectivity . Recently, collective insurance contracts have been increasingly concluded at a school where students of a particular class or school as a whole are insured. At the same time, due to the mass character, insurers usually provide more favorable conditions and the price of the insurance policy. However, this does not mean that exclusively collective insurance at school is possible, because the individual insurance service is also provided by all insurance companies.

Influence of a child’s hobby on the structure of an insurance policy

Each child is individual, therefore, it is almost impossible to provide unified accident insurance for children. Besides the fact that the child can be active on his own, his hobbies and the sections he visits are of particular importance. In this regard, the structure of the insurance policy itself is changing, and the list of conditions and the price of the latter are growing. This applies only to those hobbies that are on the list of traumatic sports. Among them, the following are especially popular: football, basketball, judo, karate, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics and many others.

Such contracts additionally prescribe the procedure for compensation in the event of an insured event during training or participating in a competition or competition. However, the client has the right to choose whether to include in his insurance policy both the training period and the competition period or not.

Firstly, it directly affects the cost of such an agreement. And secondly, in some cases, the need to include the period of participation in tenders in the client’s contract is absent, for example, because of playing sports “for oneself” or the extremely short time for visiting such a section.

Insurance Premium Reduction Options

Like any insurance, accident insurance for children can be cheapened. Some of the methods have already been indicated earlier, but this is not the whole list.

So, if the client wants to slightly reduce the expenses of the family budget, when signing the contract, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Duration of the insurance contract . By dividing the insurance policy into periods of its validity, the risks of the insurance company are reduced, which means that the price is reduced. This is due to the fact that the insurance service in this case is not provided to the client around the clock for the entire duration of the contract.
  • The conclusion of a collective agreement. Due to the scale of the transaction, the time and money spent by the insurance company on the conclusion of the contract are reduced. This allows her to provide customers with more favorable conditions and a low insurance premium.
  • Exclusion of certain types of services. The client may also ask the insurance company to exclude certain types of services from the insurance contract. This function can either be provided from the beginning, or for this an agreement with the underwriters will be required. In this case, for example, dentistry, vaccination, a course of wellness massage and so on can be removed from the list of insurance coverage.
  • Using a franchise . The size of the deductible determines how much money will be deducted from the total amount of the insurance payment in the event of an insured event. Thus, if the deductible is 500 rubles, and the treatment cost 1200 rubles, the insurance company is obliged to pay the insured only 700 rubles. However, in this case, if the treatment cost less than 500 rubles, then no payments are made at all. Using a franchise, the client can choose how much he is able to pay for treatment on his own, while the cost of the policy is reduced.

Thus, accident insurance for children can be made as accessible as possible and sparing for the family budget in completely legal ways.

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