Newborn Health Insurance

From the moment of his birth, the child is provided with state protection and can receive the entire minimum list of medical services under the policy of compulsory health insurance (MHI), of his mother or other legal representative.But, until the day of state registration of the fact of birth. From this moment, parents need to get a compulsory medical insurance policy for a newborn by submitting the following documents to the insurance company: 

  • Birth certificate;
  • Identity document of the legal representative of the child;
  • SNILS (if available).

 Read more about how to quickly find and choose an insurance company in the article “How to get a compulsory health insurance policy”. It’s no secret that the list of medical services guaranteed by the state is minimal and limited, which led to the development of such a direction in the VHI system as newborn health insurance. Newborn health insurance as one of the products of voluntary health insurance (VMI) is becoming more popular. Regardless of the fact that the cost of a newborn insurance policy is an order of magnitude higher than the VHI policy for an adult. Parents are still willing to give 1-2 thousand dollars for their peace of mind. Considering it necessary to visit at home in the first years of the baby’s life, as a pediatrician, conduct vaccines, preventive measures, and take tests. Insurance companies offer two types of newborn health insurance programs. The first type of program includes:

  • The provision of outpatient services in medical facilities with which the insurance company has concluded a cooperation agreement;
  • Call a doctor at home;
  • Guardianship of the newborn;
  • Conducting preventive examinations;
  • Vaccination;
  • Hospital treatment.

 This list of services offered to parents with children from 4 years. The second type of programs appeared recently and applies to newborns and children up to 3-4 years of age and it is associated with the care of a pediatrician by a doctor from the birth of a child until he reaches 3 years of age. This program may include; 

Conducting preventive and preventive measures;Calling a pediatrician for home care;Visit of the child by “narrow specialists”;

Taking tests at home;

ECG removal;

Hospital treatment. All medical services that are not specified in the home insurance contract, you will need to get in the clinic with which the insurance company has signed a cooperation agreement.

 Services that are not available in the insurance contract, you will need to get in the clinic to which you are assigned under the policy of compulsory health insurance (MHI) .Insurance programs also provide for consulting assistance by phone, according to standard programs during the time specified in the contract, for VIP clients – around the clock.

 Those. the range of medical services that insurance companies are ready to provide you depends only on your capabilities. Although many wealthy citizens prefer to visit the clinic than to take a team of doctors at home. They include the provision of home services in the insurance contract, only the delivery of tests, consultations with doctors, and comprehensive medical examinations are carried out in the clinic. Medical insurance for newborns through the VHI system allows parents in case of placement of a child for inpatient treatment, is next to him, as the insurance company tries to place them in 1-2 local wards. 

Although there are few such wards in clinics, especially in state ones, there has been a recent trend towards their increase.

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