Life and health insurance. Does the goal justify the investment?

To survive, Russian insurance companies began to add several dangerous diseases to policies that they had not previously insured against. And they did not insure because of the high risk of payments, since earlier it was not beneficial to many insurance companies.

 Many families in which one of the members is ill with an incurable disease are ready to sell everything available to raise money for expensive treatment, but as it turns out, the proceeds are still not enough, since hundreds of thousands and not rubles, but dollars, are needed. And in this situation many of our compatriots live, who were affected by a difficult treatable disease. 

Do you want to live, give as much money as only the rich have. In this case, they would know if they were safe. But literally until this year, the gift of foresight would not have helped, just insurance companies simply did not insure against such intractable diseases, such as cancer. 

And we began to insure only now. Last year, only one insurance company launched this type of insurance, and now there are several offers from different insurance companies on the market. Moreover, the payments for these products are very large. By the way, cancer is not the only disease that insurance companies can compensate for; tuberculosis is on the list. The complete cure of these diseases will require hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of rubles. Moreover, it is quite simple to insure against them, since clients between the ages of 18 and 60 are accepted for insurance. At the age of 40 years, the policyholder fills out only the questionnaire and, in accordance with the completed questionnaire, the insurance policy is issued. 

Health insurance

At the age of 40 years and older, an additional medical examination is necessary. There is perhaps only one minus in this type of insurance – the high cost of the insurance policy, we are talking about a complete cure. Rates are both premium and economy class, and as an example, let’s consider them on the amount of insurance payments in case a person becomes ill with tuberculosis. If you buy a policy for 3,000 rubles, then in case of illness, the maximum amount of insurance payments will be 60,000 rubles. 

With this money, you can go through an examination and buy medicine for those who have a mild degree of the disease. If the form of the disease is moderate or severe, the treatment will cost about 1,000,000 rubles, and to pay for it you need to purchase an insurance policy for 50,000 rubles. So for a complete reinsurance, a family of 5 people will need 250,000 rubles. 

It’s worth considering. Free insurance is another matter, they also began to appear, though so far in the area where a person becomes sick due to someone else’s fault, for example, because of the master of a beauty salon. The association, which includes the salon, has entered into an agreement with an insurance company, and now if the client was injured through the fault of the master, he will be compensated for treatment. In this case, the client does not pay for anything, since he has already paid for the procedure and further he can be calm as the master. 

That’s just here and have to try. First, it will be necessary to prove that it is the master who is to blame. Secondly, provide all documents confirming the payment of medical services.

 Well, be that as it may, the life and health insurance system in our country has begun to change. Independent experts are sure that if more and more common and expensive diseases are included in the policy, the insurance system will make sense and may return the trust that was lost more than 20 years ago.

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