Health insurance. Accidents, diseases, disability.

Over the past decade, the number of people who wish to use the services of insurers in Russia has increased. There are many cases when several insurance products are issued at the same time, and health insurance also falls into this list. The reason that citizens began to take advantage of the possibility of health insurance is poor medical care.

What is it like?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers all cash costs for medical care and medicines in accordance with a specific product of the insurance company.

When an insurance contract is signed, the insured must familiarize himself with the list of insured events upon the occurrence of which insurance payment will be made. Typically, compensation is paid for losses spent on restoring health, accidents, personal injury or loss of income due to the inoperability of the insured client.

Health insurance is a reliable procedure, because thanks to its presence, Russian citizens can not worry about their well-being. It serves as a guarantee of a stable financial position of the relatives of the insured person, because various unforeseen situations can happen in life, but the insured person may not worry about them.

There are several types of health insurance:

Risky – is executed when the insured becomes incapable of work, or because of his death in connection with an accident, incurable illness, natural disaster, disability.

Cumulative – it is carried out when a person needs to protect himself and be insured until a specific moment (graduation, coming of age, the birth of a child).

Since medicine in our country is lame today, and medical care is desired, the government has introduced a health insurance procedure. In the presence of such insurance, a person exempts himself from expenses for payment of received medical services.

The government is meeting the needs of citizens who wish to obtain health insurance by providing benefits. The norms were introduced according to which citizens will be able to receive payments for paid payments under voluntary health insurance, pensions and life insurance to non-state pension funds.

Such actions have led to an increase in the percentage of citizens who began to conclude health insurance contracts. Each person who works can pay health insurance premiums, both for himself and for his relatives, and thereby he reduces his own tax base at the expense of these payments.

What is the need for health insurance?

Health insurance serves as a kind of guarantee for a person in those moments when he needs help. Since all costs associated with the costs of medical services and medicines are reimbursed, and citizens can thus save their own money.

Insurance Contract Terms

The use of such insurance makes it possible:

  • choose an insurance program that will have a suitable set of medical care in its list of services;
  • receive quality and timely medical care;
  • receive free advice from employees of insurance companies, when necessary.

The duties of employees of insurance companies include providing insured persons with the provision of comprehensive medical care.

Health insurance for some citizens is a prerequisite. This applies to military personnel. The state worried about people who are in the service and to increase the social security of citizens, mandatory health insurance was introduced.

The state is obligated to pay losses to servicemen who were injured during the service. In case of their death, compensation is paid to relatives.

Children’s health insurance. It can be implemented in the following circumstances:

  • until the moment the child was born;
  • from the child’s birthday to his fifteenth birthday.

Children’s health insurance includes the following package of services:

  • examination by a pediatrician;
  • diagnostics;
  • preventive vaccination services;
  • the provision of disease treatment services.

Countries that participate in international sports competitions require compulsory insurance of their athletes for the duration of sporting events. If an athlete is injured during the competition, insurance agencies must pay for treatment and rehabilitation.

Who can be insured

An insurer is an organization that operates on the basis of an existing license issued by the Bank of Russia.

It is the responsibility of the insurer to draw up a financing plan, in accordance with which the insured must make a monthly payment, assessing the general risk of spending money on receiving quality medical care.

The insurer is both an individual and a legal entity, but the object of a health insurance contract can only be an individual.

In order for the procedure for signing a health insurance contract to become a reality, the policyholder must first write a statement to the insurer. If it happens that the policyholder dies, then his relatives will be able to claim insurance benefits.

Regarding legal entities, the personnel health insurance service is very beneficial for them. For insurance of their employees, entrepreneurs receive significant benefits, so corporate insurance for them is a very advantageous service. Thus, they receive both able-bodied workers and pleasant bonuses from the state.

Payment from employers is made at the expense of the profit that they receive during the period of work. When concluding a corporate contract, insurance entities must be marked by name.

Both legal entities and individuals who have signed a health insurance contract become beneficiaries.

Types of insurance

Variety of Health Insurance

Health insurance can be carried out by private enterprises and bodies operating under state supervision in 2 forms:

Obligatory. It is carried out in volumes provided for by federal legislation;

Voluntary. It is carried out by signing an agreement between the insurer and the insured. The insurer agrees to pay for treatment when an insured event occurs, and the insured person agrees to pay the required contributions monthly.

When a compulsory insurance contract is concluded, the state gives a guarantee for the insurance payment if an insured event occurs. The list of persons who must necessarily conclude such an insurance contract include:

  • pregnant women;
  • women who have already given birth;
  • women (men) who are on maternity leave;
  • military personnel;
  • police officers.

Voluntary health insurance has many benefits. A person who has a health insurance contract can use a wide range of medical services:

  • dental services;
  • full examination by a doctor;
  • hospital treatment;
  • ambulatory treatment;
  • getting family doctor medical services.

Types of health insurance include:

  • accident insurance (full and partial) with the right to transfer to the heirs. The insurance payment is not paid monthly, but annually (once a year). Its distinguishing feature is that compensation can be paid even for minor injuries;
  • health damage caused by the disease. If the insured person dies or becomes disabled, then compensation is paid to one of his relatives;
  • the insured person becomes a disabled person, becomes disabled – in this case, the amount of compensation depends on the disability group;
  • temporary disability of the insured person – this may be due to various reasons. In this case, the money is paid over time until the person goes to work. The amount of compensation should be indicated in the terms of the insurance program;
  • partial or total incapacity for work received in the course of professional activity, during which either an accident occurred or the insured became ill;
  • medical insurance – a type of insurance that guarantees the receipt of medical care;
  • insurance against dangerous and serious diseases – guarantees insurance payments upon the occurrence of diseases such as cancer, AIDS and so on.

Rates of insurance companies are different and they depend on the final size of insurance payments that the insured client wishes to receive if an insured event occurs.

Conclusion of an agreement

An insurance contract is a document signed by two parties (the insured and the insurer), each of which has its own benefit. At the same time, the insurer must pay damages if an insured event occurs, and the insurer must pay permanent contributions according to the contract. A health insurance contract is in writing.

Mandatory clauses that are specified in the contract are:

  • subject of the contract (obtaining a certain type of insurance);
  • Specifies the specific insurance amount and the size of insurance premiums, and the timing of their payment;
  • rights of the parties to the contract;
  • obligations of the parties to the contract;
  • rules for compensation payment if an insured event occurs;
  • term of the contract.

Mandatory in the contract must be specified details of the subjects of the contract.


Health insurance prices depend on the selected insurance product, the health status of the potential client, the range of medical services and many other factors.

There are companies that meet customers and provide an opportunity to purchase a budget insurance package.

Today, medical insurance is an excellent opportunity to maintain health and your own money and at the same time get good medical care.

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